GoKid – The smarter way to carpool

GoKid_logo_2greens_noBG_noTagline_130wI have to share my experience with the app GoKid, and yes, I am still involved in this great company. If you are tired of texting parents and manually keeping track of who is driving your kids to their activities, and who is picking up. And why not use it for your yoga class or other activities were carpooling helps with a busy schedule.  With GoKid you get it all organized in one App.

Invite the parents of your kid’s friends to carpool with you. Whether it is soccer practice, swim team or even to and from school every day! The app will make it all so much easier.

  • register your family
  • setup all your carpools
  • invite friends to carpool with
  • sign up to drive
  • opt out for single rides when kids are unable to attend
  • sync with your calendar
  • receive notifications when it is time to drive


download-on-the-app-store-300x89                  download-on-google-play-1-300x88

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